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Capacity Analysis

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What is Lean?

Lean is a Business System that focus on systematically develop people and continuously improve processes, to provide value to your customers customer, prosperity for you while Consuming the fewest possible resources

We did Lean before and it was not sustained what will be different this time?

The main error is implementing Lean tools on the shopfloor straight away without creating a support structure that will help it sustain in time. Our approach is top down, where we will train your top and middle management to start using a proven Lean Business System that they will implement first. That trains them and when we eventually get to the Shopfloor the middle management are already ahead and a structure is already in place to help sustain the improvements.

Is Lean only for Production or can it be used for Services?

Lean Business Systems comes from manufacturing, but the exact same principles have been used in many industries with amazing results. Hospitals have implemented it with unbelievable improvements in efficiency! Some argue that it is actual easier to implement Lean in transactional processes since you don't have to modify or remove machinery. Process redesign is easier, faster and you see results almost immediately.

What is a Lean Cell?

A Cell organizes small work units of 3-15 people to build a single product, process or service. Ideally the process is completed without leaving the workcell.

What is 5S?

A tool developed by Toyota to create the foundation of its continuous improvement methodology. It is Problem solving Lean tool that allows you to identify a normal to an abnormal working condition. Having a clean and organised workspace allows you to spot problems before they can grow into full blown fires!! A place for everything. Everything in its place. Five main Steps are:

  1. Sort

  2. Set in Order/Simplify

  3. Scrub/Shine

  4. Standardize

  5. Sustain/Discipline

What is the concept of Continuous Flow?

Continuous flow is the concept of moving product through a value stream at a constant rate throughout that value stream rather than in batches.

What is Theory of constraints (Bottleneck)?

The machine or function that limits the output of the entire factory. The idea is to focus all efforts on improving the output of the bottleneck.

What is Capacity Analysis?

The Process Capacity Chart is used to calculate the capacity of each machine to confirm true capacity and to identify and eliminate bottlenecks. Processing capacity per shift will be calculated from the available production time, completion time, and tool-change time (and other factors as necessary) for each work piece.

What is Standard Work?

Standard Work provides for a predictable, reliable, repeatable and sustainable process. Standard Work has three central elements: TAKT time, Standard Work Sequence, and Standard Work in Process.  Standard Work (as a tool) establishes a routine/habit/pattern for repetitive tasks, makes managing (scheduling, resource allocation) easier, establishes the relationship between person and environment, provides a basis for improvement by defining the normal and highlighting the abnormal, and it prohibits backsliding.

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