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Our Portfolio

What and Where have we operated

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World Wide Reach

Lean Implementations all over the Globe

We have executed Lean Implementations in the following countries: Italy(3), Germany(1), France(2), Spain(1), Holland(1), Ukraine(11), Russia(14), South Africa(2), Czech Republic(1), USA(2)

Sector Diversity

Lean Implementation in Various Industries

We have executed Lean Implementations in the following industries: Metal(11), Mining(10), Paper(3), Gaz(1), FMCG(6), Rail(2), Packaging(3), Port(1), Services(1)

Training and Coaching

Innovative Simulation and Interactive Training

We ran more than 500 training workshops from the CEO to the Shopfloor. We have trained more than 7500 people over the years all over the world, in the local languages and in all sorts of industries.

Projects: Projects

Lean Implementation Russian Coal Washing Plant

We were recorded by the local news channel

We ran a local Lean Session where various other plants also took part to share the results of the work that has been done so far

Projects: Video

Lean Training Simulation in Siberia

Lego Training Simulation on the news

This is a video of a Lean Training session where the participants are using Legos to simulate a Lean Factory. The purpose is for them to use the system and understand it in a safe environment before they put it into practice on the Shopfloor

Projects: Video
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